The right time to recruit is now

Worried about finding the right people? bravoTALENTS is here. We understand that finding a qualified candidate for your position is a priority, and we make sure that your job posting gets all the attention it deserves.

How to attract your candidates with bravoTALENTS

Making a superb first impression definitely can create an impact and attract more candidates for your jobs. bravoTALENTS' intuitive tools are here to help you design and create mobile-friendly job postings, to make them appealing to your candidates!

bravoTALENTS is accessible on any device and platform, from desktops, mobiles, to internal job boards, and any social platforms. We make sure that your postings can get to the right people, in the right way.

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How to create an effective job posting with bravoTALENTS


Tell them about your company in details

This means, your company, including your culture, your team, your work and everything related. Make them understand how you all work as a team and what they can gain from boarding the ship. Most people prefer a workplace where they can get along and relate, so your warm welcome pushes you a step closer to your candidates. Why should they join the company? Show them all the perks, benefits, company trips, etc. Make them as attractive as possible and put on your best show. To make it short, “WOW” them.

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Show them how it looks like when they are in the team

Besides telling them about how amazing it is, a photo is worth a thousand words. Never miss out on great photo moments and share them with your candidates. Videos are a bonus too. Set up your Instagram, link your profile to your company Facebook page, show a variety of activities and images of your offices and staff. Help them see themselves in your team.

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Beautiful look and feel to captivate potential candidates

Everyone understands the importance of first impression - so do we. We invest so your postings can look as amazing as possible. Capture your candidates' attention by creating a stunning looking job posting and encourage them to apply right away.

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Customized to your company

Your company profile and job descriptions can be customized easily to showcase your own culture and images. It’s fast to add in your company logo, photos, or videos, using our upload tool. You can also drag-and-drop from your own computer. This way, your job posting will be customized to your own company, making you stand out and unique.

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The steps to getting your job postings to the right people

Having a tough time looking for a great fit? Lacking candidates? Getting the perfect match for your job opening can be time consuming and tiring, especially if the talent pool is limited. But what if you can reach a much bigger audience?

Dear recruiters,
it's time to expand your horizon by posting on multiple job boards

bravoTALENTS' one-click feature helps you post on as many job boards as you can, including all popular job websites. This makes your job posting get more reach and views which result in more potential candidates for your positions.

Our simple and beautiful UI will guide you through the posting process smoothly and ensure that your job is posted ASAP and reaches as many potential candidates as possible.

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Introducing our premium job board integrations

Afraid that free job boards are not the optimal option for job listing? Boost your jobs' visibility by promoting them on premium job boards.

Check all your premium job board options today. bravoTALENTS can help you spread word on any premium job board at the speed of a click.

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