Hiring is not a lonely process after all

Get your hiring game updated and supported by your team, with the flexible option of working from anywhere, with only the latest HR tools, from bravoTALENTS.

It’s time for real HR communication

HR emails clogging up your inbox? Tired of waiting for feedback from your hiring managers? Communication flow stuck and you are not updated on the hiring process? Worry no more, since bravoTALENTS has got your back! Our collaborative tools make hiring an easier and more engaging process that are transparent and under control, so you are always up-to-date with your hiring process.

Our functions:

  • Engage, communicate, take notes
  • Keep track of hiring actions, tasks, and feedback
  • Information is shared easily within the platform
  • Monitor productivity and hiring process in real time

Work from your own tablet

Stay connected with your hiring team by using bravoTALENTS. We have a responsive web app that works on any device. Now you can always check your process and are alerted with notifications every step on the road. Hiring decisions can be made on-the-go, and instant communication is fully supported.

bravoTALENTS, work-from-tablet

Don’t miss out on decision time!

All your team’s communication can be found on your bravoTALENTS account in real time. You won’t be missing out on any task or step of the hiring process. We make sharing information easy.

bravoTALENTS, dont-miss-decision-time

Set up your own hiring team

Add your own team members and set up roles for everyone. Hiring team is created on a job-basis and has no member limit. Managers can be assigned for every hiring team to take control of the hiring process.

bravoTALENTS, set-hiring-team

How to shorten your candidate profiling process?

To grow your business, it is vital to have a strong human resource base. But how to shorten the time screening your candidates without losing the quality or the perfect fit?

Communicate as a team

bravoTALENTS has figured out a process to help your candidate profiling process work faster and also more efficient. We offer all the communication tools you need to hire as a team. This improves the quality and efficiency of the hiring process.

All team’s comments and changes are saved and can be easily accessed by anyone in the team, and feedback option is also available. You can assign tasks to certain individuals in the team. This way the team members can keep track of their own and everyone’s assignments.

bravoTALENTS, communicate-as-team

Communicate to your candidates

Obviously, the communication between interviewers and candidates is one of the most vital parts of the hiring process. bravoTALENTS makes sure that all communication is carried smoothly through our smart 2-way email sync. We connect your email to your bravoTALENTS email, and all communication is tracked and available through both your working email and our system.

bravoTALENTS, communicate-to-candidates

Browsing through your list of talents

Our search function reduces time on finding particular candidates. You can search for any keyword or custom fields in order to find the exact candidate you’re looking for within seconds.

bravoTALENTS, find-talents
bravoTALENTS, list-of-talents

The process of hiring: Your hiring pipeline

A hiring pipeline reflects your hiring process, or the process of attracting potential candidates and recruiting employees. Special job may need special pipeline to make sure the company can get the best fit for the position.

Customize your pipeline to greatly improve your hiring process

bravoTALENTS is built with a default hiring pipeline including all the normal recruiting stages. This is what most companies are familiar with. However, we understand that your job position might need a specific pipeline that works only for you. Hence, we give you the option to customize your own hiring pipeline to maximize you and your team’s hiring process.

bravoTALENTS, customize-your-pipeline

Your hiring pipeline can be customized based on your needs

Maybe your company prefers a screening test before the phone call? Recommendations? How about training, probation, or portfolio checking? Customize your own hiring pipeline to get the best result for your vacant positions, because you know what you need the most.

At bravoTALENTS, we offer multiple pipelines that can be tailored to your needs. Different positions might require different pipelines, especially manager positions and above. Your pipeline system can also be customized for a variety of departments since some departments might have a different set of requirements and criteria for recruitment, depending on your business nature.

bravoTALENTS, customize-your-pipeline-based-on-your-needs

Proactive recruitment with bravoTALENTS

Are you wondering about how to make your hiring process more efficient? You can now get a detailed view of your data from your screening process. This way, you can adapt and better your hiring process in an effective way.

bravoTALENTS, proactive-recruitment
bravoTALENTS, proactive-recruitment
In Review
bravoTALENTS, proactive-recruitment
Phone Interview
bravoTALENTS, proactive-recruitment
On-site Interview
bravoTALENTS, proactive-recruitment
bravoTALENTS, proactive-recruitment

Schedule interviews in a more efficient way

Keeping track of interview schedules might be time-consuming, and you might have to change the time and date for an interview for many reasons. There is a more efficient way to manage your interview schedules with bravoTALENTS, and make things simpler.

How we do it

bravoTALENTS is here to help you minimize time spent on setting up interviews and maximize your process efficiency. Your interview schedules will be shown in an organized manner so you will be able to check everyone’s availability within clicks. Changes? Just drag-and-drop your appointment to the new time/date! This reduces time to reschedule and makes it a lot easier to keep track of your interview process.

bravoTALENTS, schedule-interviews-how-we-do-it

Syncs with G Suite and O365

Our integrations with G Suite and O365 calendars makes the syncing process seamless. Now you can track every change occurring and it will be reflected on your calendar. Making a change can never be easier, with bravoTALENTS!

bravoTALENTS, syncs-with-gsuit-and-o365

Create an effective interview kit

An interview kit is a set of questions the interviewers ask during an interview. In some cases, the questions can be asked before and after the actual interview, depends on the job and requirements.

What is a good interview kit?

The interview kit is a good way to rate the candidate regarding how fit the candidate is to the job, job level, interest, company image, expectation, etc.

bravoTALENTS, what-is-a-good-interview-kit

What should your interview kit include?

A good interview kit should cover not only the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, but can showcase the company’s culture, history, and expectation as well.

bravoTALENTS, what-should-your-interview-kit-include

Prepare your interviews the right way

bravoTALENTS can help you prepare your interviews. We have a list of possible questions and interview kits available for each job to ensure that your interviews can be conducted smoothly. Your interview preparation is now easier and can be done within a short amount of time, without compromising on quality and productivity.

bravoTALENTS, prepare-your-interview

Keep track of your scorecards (Coming Soon)

Use scorecards to review the candidates to find out the best fit for your position. These help recruiters keep track of their hiring status and influence hiring decisions using quantitative data. We have a list of scorecards available, but you can also create your own scorecards for any recruitment stage to fit your needs best.

bravoTALENTS, keep-track-scorecards

Create your offer letters in simple steps

Save your time and streamline your hiring pipeline by managing the offer process seamlessly, with bravoTALENTS.

Craft your offer letter

Customize your offer letters using our templates or your own, to support your corporate branding and professional image.

bravoTALENTS, offer-letter

Track your offer in real time

From the moment you create your offer, to the moment you receive the candidate’s response - everything is updated in bravoTALENTS real-time. You don’t have to worry about missing out on questions or losing a precious candidate due to lack of communication.

bravoTALENTS, track-offer-in-real-time

Finalize your offers

There might be changes regarding your offer before an agreement is made between you and the candidate. bravoTALENTS offers ways to communicate and follow up with candidates, so both sides are accommodated for mutual benefits.

bravoTALENTS, finalize-your-offers